Manila Directory Hotline

24-Hour Hotline Telephone Numbers in Manila

Police & Fire: 757 or 116
Emergence No.: 501- 650 or 501- 728
Directory Assistance: 114
National Operator: 109
International Operator: 108
Direct Dialing Assistance: 112
NOTE: It is advisable to always have the telephone number and the address of your embassy or consulate with you.

Important Phone Numbers in Manila

Police Departments
Makati 899-9039/899-9008
Mandaluyong City 532-2145/532-2318
Muntilupa City 842-2611
Pasig City 641-0436
Quezon City 921-4554/921-7474
San Juan 702-515/790-404
Fire Departments
Makati City 818-5150 (hotline 844-8663)
Mandaluyong City552-2189
Muntilupa City 842-2201
Pasig City 641-1939 (hotline 641-2815)
San Juan 79-20-79
Deptartment of Tourism
T.M. Kalaw Street, Rizal Park, Metro Manila, P.O. Box 3451
Tel: (02) 5267652, 5267653, 5267655
Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporatiom
4th Floor, Suites 10-17, Legasi Towers, 300 Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila, P.O. Box EA-459
Tel: (02) 5256635, 5257268, 5257312
 Department of Tourism
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Tel: (02) 5510698
 US Embassy
Main Switchboard 523-1001
American Services Branch loc:2246, 2530, 2567
Regional Services Branch loc: 2290
Community Liason Office loc: 2845
Security Recording 521-9261 to 62
 Makati City Hall
895-4001 to 10
Makati SWAT Bomb Disposal Team
168 896-7468 168 896-7468
Makati Anti-Car Napping Team
895-4001 loc:568 895-4001 loc:568
Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades
244-4141, 244-5151 244-4141, 244-5151
Association of Volunteer Fire Chiefs and Fire Fighters of the Philippines
160-16 160-16


Hotlines 6631300181356261305

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